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[0055] 瑪黛茶由來的傳說 - Legend of Yarí


在巴西的 Guarani 小女孩
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Legend of Yarí

月神 Yarí 的傳說

Yarí, the moon, curiously looked at the deep woods with which Tupá, the powerful god of the Guaranies, had covered the earth. And little by little her desire to come down to earth was getting stronger. So Yarí called Araí, the pinkish cloud of dusk, to ask her to go down to Earth with her.

月神 Yarí 正在好奇的看著地球,這個由瓜拉尼神 - Tupá 所掌管的大地。看著看著祂的好奇心越來越強,終於有一天決定要下凡塵,於是在粉紅色的雲層之中,呼叫了雲神 Araí 一起到地面上看個究竟。

The following day as they were walking along the woods, they turned into two beautiful ladies...but they were getting tired when, in the distance, they saw a cottage and they went towards it to relax. Suddenly they heard a noise and it was a jaguar that was about to jump on them, when an arrow shot by an old Guarani hurt the beast on its side.



The furious animal fell on its wound, at the same time that a new arrow went through its heart. Once the fight had finished, the Guarani offered the ladies hospitality so they went to his hut. He lived with his wife and daughter who treated them kindly and told them that Tupá does not like the ones who do not offer hospitality to their visitors.



他跟這兩位女士說,『 如果他們不豐盛的款待遠來的訪客,Tupá 神會不高興。』

The following day Yarí announced that it was time to leave. The woman and the daughter saw the two adventurous ladies to the door and the Guarani went with them a little while. He told them why he lived in isolation: when his daughter grew up, uneasiness, anxiety and fright invaded her spirit, so he decided to get far away from the community where he lived so that his daughter, in isolation, could keep the virtues that Tupá had given her.

隔天,Yarí 說,『現在應該要離開了。』於是這個老爹就送這兩位女士到了門口,並且跟她們稍微聊了一下。

他解釋了為何他們需要離群索居的原因,他說,當他的女兒越來越大之後,沒想到不安,焦慮,和恐懼不斷的侵入了她的靈魂。所以決定要離開部落,來到了與世隔絕的地方,在這裡,她能夠繼續保有 Tupá 神賜予她那純淨的心。

When Yarí and Araí were alone, they lost their human shapes and went up to heaven, where they looked for an appropriate prize. One night they guided the three people in the hut into a deep dream. While they were asleep, Yarí sowed light blue seeds in front of the house, and from the dark sky she lit up the place.

當 Yarí 和 Araí 來到了四下無人的地方,她們褪去了人類的外形往天空升去。她們決定給予這個瓜拉尼人一些適當的獎賞。

有一個晚上,祂們再次來到了他們家,並且讓他們一家三口進入熟睡狀態。Yarí 在門口灑下了藍色的種子,並且在黑暗的天空中,點亮了光芒照耀著這塊土地。

At the same time, Araí poured a sweet and soft rain that wetted the ground. Morning came and in front of the hut there were short unknown trees, and their white, thick flowers appeared shyly among the dark green leaves. When the Guarani woke up and went out to go to the forest, he got astonished to see the marvel that appeared in front of his house.

同時間 Araí 從天空中灑下了陣陣微微的細雨,逐漸的將土地潤濕。當黎明來臨後,小屋的前方長了一些不知名的矮樹,深綠色的葉片中夾藏著厚實的白色花朵。


He called his wife and daughter and when the three of them saw what had happened, they fell onto their knees on the wet ground. Yarí, in the shape of the woman that they had met, came down and told them: "I am Yarí, the goddess who lives in the moon and I am here to give you a prize for your goodness.


Yarí 又變回了之前熟悉的模樣來到了他們的面前,她說,『我是 Yarí 來自月亮的神,為了鼓勵你的善行義舉,我再次回到了這裡來賜予獎賞。』

This new plant that you see is the yerba-mate, and from now on it will be, for you and for all the men of this region, the symbol of friendship. Your daughter will live forever and she will never loose the goodness and innocence of her heart. She will be the owner of the yerba." After saying this, the goddess made them stand up and taught them how to toast the yerba and to drink the mate.



說完之後,Yarí 就站了起來,繼續教導他要如何烘焙樹葉以及飲用瑪黛茶的方式。

After several years, time of death came for the old couple. Then, once their daughter had fulfilled her ritual obligations, she disappeared from earth. From time to time, it is possible to see among the Paraguayian yerba fields a beautiful blonde girl whose eyes reflect the innocence and candidness of her soul.



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